How to organise the best party with these 5 favourite themes

1.Frozen theme

Our Frozen theme is based on the Disney fantasy animation movie, where a kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Anna joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff and his reindeer sidekick to find Anna’s sister, Snow Queen Elsa to persuade her to break her icy spell. How do you do justice to the Frozen theme without doing a rendition of “Let it go” by Queen Elsa? To add drama to the party, the venue can be decorated with hanging paper cut-out snowflakes and some of them even glued to the floor.

Games to be played at a Frozen themed party are;

  • Elsa as Entertainer
  • Sing along,
  • Coronation day ball,
  • Pass the snowball

2.Princess theme

Everyone old and young at some point wished they were princesses because of their always striking beauty, flowing hair and their attraction of attention.  So if your little girl can’t get enough of those princesses in the movies or books, then let her favourite princess be the inspiration behind her next party’s theme, go all out and let theme and its colours stand out. From the attire, her guest’s dress code, room decorations and the cake. Some of the most famous princesses are;

princess party theme

Source: mamypoko.co.in

  • Aurora of Sleeping Beauty
  • Rapunzel
  • Tiana from The Princess and the Frog
  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Little Mermaid, or Ariel, from The Little Mermaid

Games to be played at a Princess themed party are;

  • Princess entertainer in costume
  • Princess etiquette
  • Fairy magic dust
  • Dance ball
  • Crown ceremony

3.Pirates theme

Pirate themed parties are timeless and are perfect for both boys and girls. They portray the adventure in the little ones as they don those eye patches and make the party all about finding the treasure. A plank can be put at the entrance of the venue or even propped up with bricks to add more drama and let the guests “walk the plank” as they enter. Choose a treasure chest and set it as a centrepiece on the table with pirate flags around it to signal that the treasure has been found. The ideas are endless and to set up your guests for a magical party, you might as well start off with the invitation by sending a message in a bottle or a sketch map with clip art ships and a compass.

Games to be played at a Pirates themed party are;

  • Pirate will Entertain
  • Pass the treasure
  • Poppers
  • Magic Dust
  • Musical ships
  • Balloon swords
  • Walk the plank

4.Super Heroes theme

Every kid has their favourite superhero from Superman, Spiderman, Captain America to Wonder woman. The superhero theme is for both boys and girls but its more fancied by the boys between 4-8 years. Dressing like their favourite superhero and having one of their props like a shield for Captain America is the start of the themed party. Guests too can be welcomed with hero capes representing the numerous famed superheroes. And what is a themed superhero party or any themed party for that matter without a themed cake whose tiers can also be decorated using different superhero colours or artefacts?

spider man super heroes

A superhero ( Spiderman ) themed party at Acola parties.

Games to be played at Super heroes themed party are;

  • Superhero entertainer in costume
  • Balloon defence training
  • Spider Man’s web
  • Certificates
  • Medals

5.Harry Potter theme

Based on the epic and Wizardry Harry Potter movie series, the Harry Potter party theme is a classic. This theme is categorised under the 6-10 years themes and can be for both boys and girls. As always start off with the costume, a classic witch or wizard robe which can also be required of the guests. On entry, present the guests with the magic wand or as a starter game let the wand choose the wizard by blindfolding them and letting them choose. The venue can also be decorated with hanging candles and the different house banners. Lastly how about sending back your guests with a thank you note in an envelope sealed off with a Hogwarts seal.

Games to be played at a Harry Potter themed party are;

  • Harry as Entertainer
  • Sorting Hat
  • Spells games
  • Hogwarts ceremony

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